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At Book Camera Man, we are mesmerized by the alliance of love; which is why we’re so

passionate about capturing it! The most magical moment in both your lives should never be

forgotten; which is why our photographers transform the occasion into a visual keepsake to

always cherish. This milestone in your romance can be magnified even more by the focus of a

professional photographer’s hand and artistic eye. Our team of tight-knit and talented

photographers know every way to work the lens to get high-quality snapshots for you to display

to friends and family.

We let your love do the talking and capture natural images of your pure and heartfelt laugther,

embraces and tears. A professionally taken photograph translates a magical bond that even the

most advanced smartphone could never effectively unveil. Your once in a lifetime moment is the

next chapter in your love story. Book Camera Man ensures it will be shown perfectly to do your

romance justice.

The Vital Role Videography Plays On the Big Day

Capturing your enchanting occasion does not stop at tangible photographs! Crafting a film of

your wedding day allows your family and friends to watch the very moment your new chapter

began. The treasured wedding video our videographers create will take your breath away and

allow you to relive the moment all over again. Highlighting moments of laughter, tears, the vows

and the big kiss will always be available for you every time you want to press play. We will

always locate the perfect spots for lighting and prepare our set up promptly, before fading into

the background to allow your special moment to shine through naturally!

Manifesto’s Full Of Love Stories We’ve Captured

Browse through all of our excellent photographers’ portfolios to learn more about their style and

skills. Then, book them for your moment of magic with just a few clicks!

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