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A professional headshot is important for many reasons, including the fact that it displays professionalism on your behalf. Taking your own photos is great but when it comes to other professionals checking your profile or potential clients considering your business, it’s very important to make a good first impression. Whether it’s an interview for a new job, you’re in the process of making new connections or you’re networking, a professional headshot will help you achieve success and better results.

The reality is that you will be judged, at least to some extent, by your appearance, which is why you must appear professional both in person as well as with your presence online or in ads. Most professionals understand the importance of the right attire when it comes to being present for a meeting in person, however, this same professionalism is not always shown online, which is usually the first place work contacts will see you.

For these reasons, you should always consider a professional headshot instead of a selfie because you’ll look professional and will, therefore, be treated as such. It is an investment that is definitely worth it because it will prove that you take yourself and your work seriously. A professional company will want to interview and hire candidates that are serious about their careers and seeing a professional headshot on your resume or online profile will help prove that you are.

Many people do not take the time or invest in taking professional headshots, which can work to your advantage because you will stand out from the crowd. Recruiters and employers will eliminate candidates whose portfolios contain poor quality photos, so you’ll be ahead of everyone by having a photo that is not only high resolution but visually appealing as well. This will make you stand out for the right reasons so you’ll be at the top of the list when a new position opens up.

Today’s market is highly competitive and you need to do things that set you apart from the thousands of other professionals looking to succeed and network in our fast paced and digital world. Resumes are very important but headshots are equally important, which is why a professional one is your best chance at making a positive first impression that employers and recruiters will remember. Your headshot is, in many ways, a reflection of you, your work ethic and career, so make sure you get it right.

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