Four Go-To Poses Your Wedding Party Can Do For The Photographs
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The big day requires meticulous detail from start to finish to have it run smoothly and beautifully. While many wedding planning elements can be taxing, wedding photographs are all about gathering close family and friends together for fun! The wedding party helps capture those timeless memories of your wedding day that you want to celebrate for years to come. Getting everyone together and posing for stunning and candid images each time can be difficult.

Book Camera Man has comprised a list of the trusted go-to poses that will work for each member of the wedding party. Check out the five poses that will help create effective photographs:

1. Traditional Poses Never Go Out Of Style

Regardless of your wedding theme, traditional poses are a practical and effective way to get your wedding party comfortable in front of the camera. Have the groomsmen placed beside the groom and then have the bridesmaids lined up next to the bride. Each member of the wedding party should have their bodies angled toward the groom and the bride just slightly to draw attention towards the focus of the big day. This classic, traditional pose ensures a high-quality shot right away that everyone will love!

2. Props and Additional Details Emphasize Personality

Every couple and wedding is unique, and that includes any and all details or props included. Getting the wedding party involved in the details and design of the wedding photographs can be exciting and help emphasize the wedding’s theme and the bride and groom’s personality. Look for certain details, for instance, if the couple to be wed arrived in a classic vintage vehicle, have the wedding party pose around it. If the wedding is a rustic theme, gather the wedding party for pictures in the barn area or in a beautiful garden area.

3. Add A Twist To The Traditional

After the formal, traditional wedding photographs have been captured, try having the wedding party intermixed and rearranged. Having each bridesmaid placed next to the groomsmen that walked them down the aisle with the wedded couple in the centre is a fun twist to a formal design. Each member of the wedding party should face the newlyweds to emphasize the beautiful connection they share and honour the special day.

4. Action Pose Make For Great Candids

Action shots may involve the entire wedding party clinking glasses together, walking along outside of the bridesmaids throwing bouquets in the air. These poses make for natural, effortless and special moments between the newlyweds and the wedding party. Genuine smiles, hugs and other moments of happiness will be captured with ease to secure timeless photographs.

Book Camera Man has incredibly talented Vancouver and Toronto wedding photographers that know how to expertly capture high-quality, candid wedding photography. Setting up the lighting, gathering the wedding party into perfect poses and capturing stunning images is what we do best! Book one of our photographers for your wedding photographs today!

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