Hiring A Photographer? Use These Four Tips
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Wedding? Corporate event? Huge sporting event coming up? All of these occasions have one main thing in common; they require a professional photographer! Milestone moments and events you want to relive deserve to be captured by professionals who will do the occasion justice. Poor quality images can do more damage than no photos whatsoever. Your budget, time and vision are your priorities; when you hire the right photographer, they’ll be the photographer’s priorities too.
Ready to start your vetting process? Here are the four tips to follow:

Verify The Photoshoot Cost

The overall cost of a photoshoot is dependant on a variety of components including duration, photography equipment, the photographer’s experience level, travelling costs and more. A trustworthy photography company will have a breakdown of their cost estimate for the occasion and shoot time available for you to find on their website. Be wary of photographers that have hidden fees, which can break your budget. At Book Camera Man, you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs.

Each of our photography sessions start at just $99.99 per hour, with a travel fee of usually less than $20 and an affordable service fee. You can easily access a breakdown of our pricing estimate on our site when you select your event type, location and duration!

Always View Their Portfolio

Photographers that are proud of their work always show it off! If you access the photography company’s website and find poor-quality images, or worse, no images at all, steer clear! Past work is a significant indicator of how experienced the photographer is and if they effectively captured images of an event/photoshoot similar to the one you desire. At Book Camera Man, we are honoured to show off the work of our talented, licensed and professional photographers on our website.

You can even check out the ratings, reviews and project portfolios of each of our photographers before you hire on their profile!

Inquire About The Number of Photos

Depending on the event, 50 photos are the common number of photos the client will receive. A high-quality photographer will deliver beautiful shots for all 50 or more for you to be proud to display. Inquire with your photographer on the final edits and also prior to hiring, find out specifically how many photographs you’ll receive. Book Camera Man boasts no limitation on photo downloads; depending on the event, you can download as many as 150 excellent images!

Ask Several Questions

Be sure to ask questions before you hire a photographer to ensure you’re making the right decision. Here are some important questions to ask:

● Is it just the photographer capturing the event or will there also be an associate?
● Are the photos going to be retouched or edited at all?
● Do they provide their own equipment?

If you’re in search of a talented, professional photographer in Toronto, Book Camera Man is the company to turn to. Based out of Vancouver, our company has rapidly expanded and our photographers have covered a variety of events and specific photo sessions. Want to hire us?
Book one of our photographer’s on our site today!

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