Four Ways To Ensure The Perfect Headshot
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Headshots serve as a tangible marketing tool for your image, brand, style and personality. They’re crucial for many actors, dancers and performers and business owners but also perfect for a LinkedIn profile picture. Your headshot is akin to a brief synopsis of your story and can often make or hinder you from solidifying an audition. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your headshot is high-quality, professional and captures you in the best way. That cannot be achieved via a smartphone, which is why it’s important to hire a professional photographer for your headshots in Toronto or Vancouver.

Here are the four things to consider and navigate when it comes to headshots.

1. What To Wear

If you have a bright, outgoing personality, you may be tempted to reflect that through vibrant, stylish clothing. However, this should be avoided. Bright or highly detailed clothing can be distracting for the employer to look at. When it comes to headshots, simplicity is best. You are the only focus in your headshot, not the outfit you wear. In addition to avoiding bright, distracting clothing, avoid bright, large jewellery. Ensure your shirt is ironed and stick to natural makeup to give the employer a more realistic view of you.

2. How To Pose

You likely want your headshot to capture you in the best light and reveal your strongest qualities. This can often be achieved with the perfect pose. Have your body positioned at a 45º angle towards the camera and turn your head to the photographer. Book Camera Man’s professional photographer will help guide you on how to pose to ensure the image appears natural. You can also try different poses, such as an over the shoulder pose or head-on to the camera. Make sure you’re smiling naturally and eyes focused on the camera.

3. Opt For Natural Lighting

It’s fairly common for headshot photographers to use both natural and studio light during a headshot session. You can choose to use both types of lighting to have a headshot variety, however, natural light is often the most popular and captures you in the best light. This is because natural light offers an authentic “real” look on camera, which employers often prefer. Studio lighting is far more polished, glamorous but can at times be quite sterile. 

4. Relax!

Book Camera Man photographers will always make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your photoshoot. It may feel awkward initially to have your photograph taken, especially if you aren’t accustomed to it. However, you’ll easily build rapport with our photographer, which will ease your nerves and allow your photoshoot to run smoothly. 

Book Camera Man’s professional photographers capture the best headshots in Toronto and headshots in Vancouver. For high-quality and resolution, polished and affordable photographs, you can count on our talented photographers. Improve your brand image with outstanding professional headshots from Book Camera Man. Book a photographer to get started with us today at!

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