Four Essential Tips To Ensure The Perfect Holiday Family Photos
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It’s that time of the year again; from taking the kids to visit Santa to picking up the perfect Christmas tree and preparing the holiday feast for the family. In between all of the holiday prep, you can’t forget about holiday family photos! Holiday photos are the perfect way to preserve those special family memories for your children for years to come. It’s no easy task getting the kids to pose in place while you’re worried about your own placement!


Fortunately, Book Camera Man has the four key tips for you to follow before your family photoshoot to ensure the perfect holiday keepsakes!

Plan Classic Colour Coordination For Outfits

Clothing plays a significant role in a tasteful family photo! The unity of your family will be expressed far more clearly and effectively if each member is dressed in the same style as each other and in sync with the photoshoots interior or exterior background aesthetic. Popular colour combination examples include white, red and green, wearing matching holiday pyjamas or beautiful soft blues and silver. You’ll love the organization and solidarity expressed through these treasured holiday images.

Pick A Magical Location

Holiday images will naturally appear more festive, but selecting a magical winter location or backdrop will really enhance these merry elements even further. From an ice skating rink to a winter photoshoot on a lit-up street or cozy in your home, choose a location that is meaningful to your family or a place that makes for a charming backdrop. Before you hire a Toronto photographer, scout out your location and ensure it’s suitable for the photoshoot.

Include Holiday Props

Props not only add character to the photo, but they also tell the story you want to convey! Whether you’re creating a winter wonderland or a snug celebration opening up presents around the fire, including props in your photoshoot boosts creativity and translate the message of family bonding, harmony, and holiday spirit into an image. Props are also a great way to occupy and focus the kids while our Book Camera Man snaps away. From a plush reindeer to closed presents or handing them the carrot to put on the snowman, these props will help complete the photographs.

Include Your Pets

If furry friends are apart of your family, include them in your holiday photoshoot! The kids will love playing with the puppy while they open presents and will cherish the images that include their furry best friend when they’re older. Think of your pet as a prop as well and it will make posing with them far easier and translate into beautiful images the whole family will love!


To make magical holiday memories that your family will treasure for years to come, give Book Camera Man a call! When you hire one of our Toronto and Vancouver family photographers, they’ll be capturing those special festive moments between loved ones that leave you speechless. For images that will last a lifetime, book one of our professional photographers today!

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