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There are endless requirements for hosting a corporate event; from selecting a venue to inviting guests and organizing the food and drinks that will be served. Once the event is on, you deserve to relieve the stress of planning by enjoying time with your clients and employees. Each of those moments deserves to be captured for guests to reflect on for years to come. Guests may be capturing moments together on their smartphones for their own personal social media accounts, but a business should hire a corporate photographer that will produce high-quality, detailed images for you to display in the office!


Hiring highly qualified, professional local photographers guarantees your important event will be effectively captured and covered while you spend the time networking. Check out Book Camera Man’s guide on what to look for before hiring a corporate photographer.

1. Always Listening To And Capturing Images You Want

It is crucial for any photoshoot, whether casual or formal, to follow the requirements and requests of the client. It’s particularly important for corporate photographers to produce images that are directly what the client asks for. From candid shots of guests enjoying drinks and networking to formal shots of each department or images of the keynote speaker on stage, the client will determine where the pictures are used and will need this variety. Book Camera Man corporate photographers will always inquire and ask for further information on specific shots, people, moments and areas at the event you want captured to ensure you’re satisfied.

2. Asks You For Information On Running Order and Timings

Although many aspects of a corporate event may be informal and focused on networking, the occasion may still have photographic priorities that must be captured on time. The corporate photographer should discuss those priorities in advance with you to determine the timing and location of specific events during the night. There may be keynote speakers that the photographer should be grabbing headshots of or a group photo after a department receives an award. A corporate photographer that does not inquire and note these details is not organized and may not produce the results you’re paying for. Our Book Camera Man photographers are meant to fade into the background and never distract or take away time from the event itself. We are prompt, organized and meticulous to ensure the images you’re paying for are captured in the highest quality each time.

3. Uses Natural Lighting and Different Angles

Corporate photographers should blend into the background and even pass as a guest. Therefore, using flash is not suitable for this occasion, as it will appear artificial and contrived. We utilize natural lighting to capture genuine smiles and authentic moments that will do your event justice.


For your next corporate event, let Book CameraMan photographers capture your vision. While you socialize, network and enjoy this well-deserved break, we’ll blend in the background taking incredible images that will exceed your expectations. Book one of our incredibly talented photographers to get started today!

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