Headshots vs Portraits
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It’s important to under the differences between headshots, and portraits as they are two different photo styles that have different looks. For more professional uses, you’ll want to go with a headshot. If you want to showcase more of your personality and look then you will want to consider portraits.

What Is The Difference Between Headshots And Portraits?


Headshots: A headshot is a close-up shot of your head and shoulders, which can be used for branding, marketing, and distinguishing yourself on online and offline platforms. With headshots, the expression of the subject is everything, since it is on the only thing that the viewer sees.

: Lighting for headshots is usually brighter and more evenly lit with the use of natural light and studio lights. They are generally softer with no harsh lights or bright highlights that heavily contrast one another.


Framing: Headshots won’t show very much of the subject’s background, and if taken somewhere with a busy background, it will be put out of focus, so the focal point is the subject.


Portrait: A portrait is another type of photograph of a person. They can be close-ups or full body shots, in a studio or outdoors. Expressions can show any emotions, and sometimes the subject isn’t even looking at the camera. A difference between headshots and portraits is that they can be of more than one person (siblings, families, couples, etc.). Since they can be a wider shot that includes the body and background, how the subject poses can influence the overall look of the photograph.

Portraits can be evenly lit, but they usually will have more shades and highlights to create a more dramatic look.

: Portraits, unlike headshots, can feature a background, depending on how wide the shot is.

The best way to get a photograph that will suit your needs is to talk to your photographer and tell them more about yourself, what you intend to use the photographs for, about your business, and the message that you are trying to convey. With that information, they will be able to determine whether a headshot or portrait will be the most effective.

Questions To Ask Your Photographer Before Getting Started

     How many photographs will come with a session?

     How long will the session last?

     What should I wear and how many looks can I bring?

     Will you provide make-up and hair or do I need to provide my own?


If you would like to take headshots to elevate your online presence, or a portrait with your loved ones, look no further than the Book Camera Man. We work with you to create images that you will be proud of. Contact us today to book a session in Vancouver or Toronto!

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